Twins: 8 YEARS OLD

 Here we are in 2020 with a set of 8 year olds. What a crazy year it's been with Covid monopolizing the headlines and life. We've done a pretty good job isolating them and had another amazing year although you will notice a lower number of European vacation shots.... ok, none actually. 

With school in normal mode, we decided to try a Thanksgiving-week cruise instead of making the turkey ourselves.  The kids love the cruising environment -- especially getting away from Mom and Dad in the kids club.  Once again, Zella had an inch on Zander and got to try things he wasn't tall enough for like the flow-rider.... which she did GREAT at. We also rode the worlds tallest water slide. What crazy dare devils they are and also learned how to roll sushi and climb a rock wall. It was a great trip and maybe the last cruise for quite a while.

 Christmas came and went without much of a hitch, although Julija and I decided we needed to "up our game" for 2020.  There is such a high potential for junk when buying over the internet... and I think we hit it many times. 2020 will be stellar!  Julija took the twins to Disney (maybe the last time for a while) to see the decorations and experience some hot chocolate and goodies. 


Back to post-holiday normal life.  The twins are still in Tae-kwon-do and as of this moment, are rocking brown belts. We have them targeted to get their black belts in the next year and then move into leadership roles.  They kind-of bounce back and forth on abilities.  No doubt that Zella has the highest kick! 

One thing that has happened in the last year is the kids have really hooked up with some of their friends -- mainly driven by a desire of both families to stay covid-free. but here are a couple of shots of the blossoming friendship.

The twins also got to go to Gator-Rama this year. Very cool place and lots to learn.

Zella treated mom to a make-over... then got one of her own.

You'll notice a lot of outdoor pics. Julija has transformed our household into an active, outdoor, eating well, exercising family.  Thank you for that. 

Memorial day / end of school party in the back yard!

Zella decided to grow out her hair and donate it to a charity for other kids. 


Probably my best day ever at the field was on my birthday.  
Family came out to support their dad... amazing.

We did get a vacation in -- for the first time, we stayed close by and rented a cabin in Blueridge, GA.  We averaged 5-10 miles of hiking almost every day. The kids are troopers to say the least.

...and then we had to start thinking about school.  Mom decided to home school and it has turned out to be one of the best decisions and experiences. 

I know there have been more pictures than words this year, but what a great way to see the growth.  They came out tiny but now operate at the top of the graph in all aspects.  Mom is home schooling them, keeping them close and safe but also pushing them as no one ever has. 

We love love love our family and these 8 years have been amazing.