Week 0 - Starting Point

The blog starts here... and No, these are not our kids.  I so love this picture and plan to do the same things with our twins if we are so blessed.

This is our second try at IVF with the first attempt exactly a year ago that resulted in a BFP. Looking back I believe that it was not in God’s timing for it to work. You know so often in my life His timing is so much better then mine and even though we both wanted it so much, what felt like a failure last year set us up for huge success this year.

As many things that seemed borderline last year, they all came together in a symphony this year. I remember the day the doc told me about my sperm count. It went something like this:

  • Doc: I’ve got some news about your sperm. The count was 20 million. 
  • Me: WOW! Oh yeah, I’m a stud!!! 
  • Doc: It was supposed to be 200 million. 
  • Me: Ouch.... 
I just love telling that story. Guess what, God only needed a few of those guys to make things happen (With Him all things are possible).


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