Week 4 - Two Week Wait Ends

Ah, the dreaded two week wait (2WW).  This is the time between implantation and the first blood test and is probably the toughest part of the IVF process. It’s hard to wait,  and even harder to know there is certainty at the end.  Did it work? 
A day before our first 2WW,  the doc told my wife not to talk to anyone,  stay off the Internet and just keep quiet for the two weeks.  He thought it would be easier.  He was wrong in our case.  The anxiety level was off the charts and in my eyes,  was a big part of the failure.  He wanted to lessen the anxiety but ultimately raised it.  I remember the call when he said “I’m sorry”... it took a long time to recover from that emotionally and financially but the silver lining is that my wife and I reduced the space between us as we worked on the next steps.  In our case,  we needed recovery time on all sides.
This year,  she approached it in a diametrically-opposed way.  She was on every blog,  told all her friends, had most of our church and friends praying for a good outcome and you know what?  She was relaxed, happy and at peace.  One of the things you see on the Internet is girls talking about doing their own pee-test during the 2WW just to get a head-start on the results.  Bad move in my opinion for many reasons.  My wife did not do a home test and made it thru nice and relaxed. Amazing.  
Feb 29, 2012 we got the call from the doc. You are Pregnant!

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