Week 8 - Anticipation

Today we saw the two magnificent heartbeats again.  Walking into the exam room, I had to push hard to be strong for my wife.  The last time we were here,  the doc said "don't get used to twins".  Since day one,  God has told me in prayer that we were having twins -- a boy and a girl.  On the inside and very guarded,  I know we have twins,  but still want to see again.  My human side I guess. My wife is anxious to say the least... but guess what, there they were.  Beating like crazy.  One bigger then the other just like the embys we started with.

Oh my God, thank you.


Week 6 - Twin Heartbeats

Wow! First ultrasound.  Up until now we've been going on HCG levels... how fast theyƗe increasing and a lot of Internet traffic about "twins".  Doc says "yup -- you have twins today but don't get used to it". What a sobering phrase.  He was right though -- in a lot of cases you can start with two embryos and the body will just get rid of anything it doesn't think will make it.  Now in our case,  I had it from great authority (GOD) that we ARE having twins so I just tried to keep all of my emotion and excitement in.  Not really!  Are you trying to tell me NOT to be excited when you see two little heartbeats happening!! OMG!