Week 12.5 - Nuchal Translucency Screening

Shoot... I thought it was "nuclear" so that's what's up with the graphic. Ha, I crack myself up.  I was excited just because any chance to see the babies in ultrasound is exciting... but they are doing a super-ultrasound that will check to see the real age of the kids as well as checking the thickness of the back of their neck to see if they can determine any abnormalities. Not too sure what we'll do with this info but like I said -- I just want to see them again:)

Ends up the nurse was so excited about how cute the babies looked when they started the ultrasound. They were facing each other like bookends and seemed a lot bigger then last time we saw them.  Her deal was to push and prod my wife's stomach to get them aligned correctly so they could do the picture / measurements.  One very cool comment: "When you come back at 16 weeks,  we won't be able to get them in one picture anymore."

Regarding heartbeats: one was at 168 and one at 143.  Of course my wife got worried and the nurse said "shoot - they change every minute. One could be sleeping; one awake; whatever. As long as they're between 100 and 200 everything is ok." It brought to me a cool realization: do you ever think that your unborn children are sleeping and waking up.  Wow -- so cool.  I guess i always thought about them just sitting there growing... but nap time in the womb.  How cool.  We could all be so lucky :)

I made a new pic for you -- brought two together in Illustrator.


Week 12 - Welcome to Trimester #2

Here we are in Week 12.  Significant? You bet.  It’s the end of the developmental first trimester. It’s also when most people will say “you’re safe now”.  I know my wife asked the doc when “safe” was.. 12 weeks.  
Belly-wise, things are growing with the latest phenomenon being tightness.  From my perspective,  she’s grown to the limits of her existing belly skin and now things will start to REALLY expand. OMG.  On a fun note,  we’ve decided that 12 weeks is a great breast size. Ha, that made me laugh.  Actually I decided that one alone. 
To celebrate the arrival of the second trimester,  I sent my wife away on a road trip with some of her best-buddies from church. She’ll be back in five days... I’m expecting a “oh man you’ve grown so much” moment when she returns. Can’t wait. 



Week 11 - Ultrasound & Handoff

2 sacs... 2 kids... yay!
Today we did the official handoff from the fertility doctor to the normal OB.  One of the things that has been a point of stress since doc1 told us we were having twins was the wait-time between ultrasounds.  I work hard to trust God with the handling of the twins,  but you know when the doc is probing your wife,  you just can't wait to see the two heartbeats again.  I lay in bed at night thinking: man, I just can't wait to meet them and love on them.

Let me tell you that the OB doc is a much easier place to visit -- kind of like ok, we know there are babies so let's get on with it. As a dude in contention for "husband of the year", my main goal is to exude confidence for my wife. She has so many other things spinning in her brain and needs a hero (me). But under the covers,  I get a little apprehensive when he's looking for heartbeats. Not that I doubt they are there,  but just that I can't wait to see them :)

With twins,  we are considered high risk so there will be an office visit and ultrasound every two weeks.  Now I see this as a bonus because of the extra level of care,  but that I get to see the kiddies every two weeks.  Cool, huh?