Week 12 - Welcome to Trimester #2

Here we are in Week 12.  Significant? You bet.  It’s the end of the developmental first trimester. It’s also when most people will say “you’re safe now”.  I know my wife asked the doc when “safe” was.. 12 weeks.  
Belly-wise, things are growing with the latest phenomenon being tightness.  From my perspective,  she’s grown to the limits of her existing belly skin and now things will start to REALLY expand. OMG.  On a fun note,  we’ve decided that 12 weeks is a great breast size. Ha, that made me laugh.  Actually I decided that one alone. 
To celebrate the arrival of the second trimester,  I sent my wife away on a road trip with some of her best-buddies from church. She’ll be back in five days... I’m expecting a “oh man you’ve grown so much” moment when she returns. Can’t wait. 


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