Week 12.5 - Nuchal Translucency Screening

Shoot... I thought it was "nuclear" so that's what's up with the graphic. Ha, I crack myself up.  I was excited just because any chance to see the babies in ultrasound is exciting... but they are doing a super-ultrasound that will check to see the real age of the kids as well as checking the thickness of the back of their neck to see if they can determine any abnormalities. Not too sure what we'll do with this info but like I said -- I just want to see them again:)

Ends up the nurse was so excited about how cute the babies looked when they started the ultrasound. They were facing each other like bookends and seemed a lot bigger then last time we saw them.  Her deal was to push and prod my wife's stomach to get them aligned correctly so they could do the picture / measurements.  One very cool comment: "When you come back at 16 weeks,  we won't be able to get them in one picture anymore."

Regarding heartbeats: one was at 168 and one at 143.  Of course my wife got worried and the nurse said "shoot - they change every minute. One could be sleeping; one awake; whatever. As long as they're between 100 and 200 everything is ok." It brought to me a cool realization: do you ever think that your unborn children are sleeping and waking up.  Wow -- so cool.  I guess i always thought about them just sitting there growing... but nap time in the womb.  How cool.  We could all be so lucky :)

I made a new pic for you -- brought two together in Illustrator.

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