Week 17 - More Pictures

Big change this week is in the bedroom... OK - not what you were thinking but we went from an amish foam mattress to a Sleep Number so Julija could adjust to her body changes.  So far she loves it and it is helping both our backs. Anything to make momma happy, right?

She went to the doc today for the bi-weekly and one of the babies were very low. Only got one picture with both heads, but the rest were normal.  Doc said "you're fine. see you in two weeks".  She passed the blood sugar test (70) but the stick was still a little high.  He's not worried :)

Julija's been feeling the babies move a lot more -- or she's got gas.  Says it feels like butterflies but actually very exciting.  She had a dream last night that she saw a foot coming our of her belly,  but then saw the face of a little blond girl.  Her hair was curly at the ends.  Maybe that was Zella?  We will see. Anyway -- don't want you to leave without a pic.  This is two heads -- all they can get in one shot these days.  Hope all is well with you.


Week 16 - Movement?

Here we are at week 16... and not much going on.  I learned this morning that the babies will each double in weight in the next few weeks and are both the size of an avocado right now. I know her belly is growing quickly where most people recognize she's beyond fat (really pregnant).

No doctor visits for us this week and Julija is mostly leveling out with sickness (although she puked yesterday while the dog was eating her food) so I thought a belly shot was in order.  One other change is that we've ramped up our walking so exercise is daily for her now.

Oh guess what -- Julija thought she felt movement yesterday... and again today. Hope that continues. VERY Exciting.


Sonoline B - The twins sound great!

We bought a Sonoline B fetal monitor this week and have had nothing but great luck with it.  We only bought this for recreational purposes and it won't replace any doctor visits or knowledge so relax...:)

The first time we tried, it took about five minutes to find the heartbeats because you have to not only be in the right place,  but use the right angle.  But we tried it again this morning using their "last know position" and we dialed right into both of them.

BTW -- we also listened to my wife's, daughter's and my heart first.  We actually tried it on the dog too, but the "fur" think really messes it up.  Worth every penny...



15 Weeks - Jump for Joy

This week proved to be mostly uneventful regarding the babies as the doc remains fairly nonchalant. When he did the ultrasound all we could see was a couple of very active babies -- both jumping around and one sucking his/her thumb (bottom picture if you can figure it out :)

Now regarding my wife,  she had one very tough day and a half that started with a bad headache during a movie (Avengers); throwing up in a Southwest Airlines puke bag in the car on the way home; three times throwing up during the night; migrane headache; and about anything else you can imagine.  I've never seen her in such bad shape.  She called in and the nurse said "why aren't you taking the Zofran?" She took it, kept it down and then took care of the headache... glad that's over.

One other thing that happened today in the doctor's office.  For some reason her blood sugar is off.  Doc isn't too excited but she has to take a glucose test tomorrow.  Funny how the nurses kind'of get you excited and the doc is more like "don't get too excited". He said, Hey the placenta's give off some sugar stuff, and you've got TWO!!

I've come to realize and preach to Julija -- if the doctor didn't say it,  don't believe it. Ask him first. Anyway I'm so proud of my wife.  She's already going thru a lot and working hard at getting ready for motherhood. She'll be awesome.



14 Weeks - On the road

Just in case you're thinking about skipping a trip because your wife is pregnant,  think again.  Julija was still tired but more worried about no vacations for the next five years so we decided to go together to Las Vegas. I had a work trip already planned so she tagged along for the Babymoon.

The trip started with two 2.5 hour air legs -- just about perfect with Julija siting on the isle.  It never seems like much to sit on an airplane,  but she was exhausted by the time we got to the hotel.  Next day we got up and on a bus to the West Rim of the Grand Canyon.  This was a 3hr each way bus trip but well worth it because of all the one-on-one bus lovin. I think she actually surprised herself on this venture and didn't complain even once.  I think it was just good for her to be thinking about something else for a bit.  Now I will warn all pregnant women to stay away from the native-american-prepared-beef-bbq...

We followed up the next day with a morning at the spa for her. Over priced but extra special for that adventurous prego girl. The rest of the week was nominal... lots of walking, relaxing by the pool and eating for her.

Six days later we're back... and man it's great to be home :)  Nothing left to do but sit around and watch each other get fat :)



13 Weeks - We're all ok...

Nothing to report.  That’s it. Doc looked and saw one heartbeat... and the other one was jumping so he said “you’re ok”. The machine was kind of old and couldn’t measure heartbeats so he did an unconventional doppler reading of 160 and 158.  I think it was the same kid but he saw them both. Weird meeting... 


Polish Pickles Please

We’ve all grown up with the stories of pregnant women wanting "pickles and ice cream" at 2 am. I’m here to tell you that (1) those stories are true and (2) if you’re the husband, you’re responsible to support this. In our case, it’s been less about cravings and more about settling her stomach but Polish Pickles are always on the menu.
Here’s what I do: let her try anything that will make her feel better and then become the trash disposal so the pantry doesn't get over-run.  For instance, she wanted to try some new kind of chicken salad yesterday from Publix.  I knew she wasn’t going to like it but “ok, hunny”. Guess what I brought to the office for lunch today? Publix Chicken Salad. 
There was one day that Julija was really having a hard time all day -- probably in the 12 week timeframe.  She just couldn't find a thing to move her from that tipping point of almost throwing up so I compiled a list of the 30 most loved remedies from the prego-blogs, stopped at Publix and filled my cart.  I was the guy with pickles, ginger snaps, ginger ale, fresh lemons, soda crackers, oyster crackers, cheese Pringles (a favorite btw), peppermint pieces, raw ginger, many kinds of broth, chicken soup, green goodness, blue goodness and a whole bunch of other stuff.

I looked like a crazy lunatic chef but the look on my wife’s face was priceless. Looking back,  I don’t think anything worked from that trip and my office has been reaping the benefits ever since but I will never forget the way she looked at me riding up on my white horse, sword held high in the air holding 10 plastic bags of food. Wow - still moves me even typing this. 
One of the most important things I’ve learned is that my wife needs unconditional support (love) and I need to eat everything left over. I think it was in my marriage vows and I know it’s in the bible :)  Pregnancy can be a pain sometimes but I wouldn't miss the bonding moments for anything. 

Don't let her down -- you're her hero.