15 Weeks - Jump for Joy

This week proved to be mostly uneventful regarding the babies as the doc remains fairly nonchalant. When he did the ultrasound all we could see was a couple of very active babies -- both jumping around and one sucking his/her thumb (bottom picture if you can figure it out :)

Now regarding my wife,  she had one very tough day and a half that started with a bad headache during a movie (Avengers); throwing up in a Southwest Airlines puke bag in the car on the way home; three times throwing up during the night; migrane headache; and about anything else you can imagine.  I've never seen her in such bad shape.  She called in and the nurse said "why aren't you taking the Zofran?" She took it, kept it down and then took care of the headache... glad that's over.

One other thing that happened today in the doctor's office.  For some reason her blood sugar is off.  Doc isn't too excited but she has to take a glucose test tomorrow.  Funny how the nurses kind'of get you excited and the doc is more like "don't get too excited". He said, Hey the placenta's give off some sugar stuff, and you've got TWO!!

I've come to realize and preach to Julija -- if the doctor didn't say it,  don't believe it. Ask him first. Anyway I'm so proud of my wife.  She's already going thru a lot and working hard at getting ready for motherhood. She'll be awesome.


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  1. Anonymous5/17/2012

    Love this post. Seems like everyone besides the doctor get excited. that happened to me too. good luck julia.