Week 17 - More Pictures

Big change this week is in the bedroom... OK - not what you were thinking but we went from an amish foam mattress to a Sleep Number so Julija could adjust to her body changes.  So far she loves it and it is helping both our backs. Anything to make momma happy, right?

She went to the doc today for the bi-weekly and one of the babies were very low. Only got one picture with both heads, but the rest were normal.  Doc said "you're fine. see you in two weeks".  She passed the blood sugar test (70) but the stick was still a little high.  He's not worried :)

Julija's been feeling the babies move a lot more -- or she's got gas.  Says it feels like butterflies but actually very exciting.  She had a dream last night that she saw a foot coming our of her belly,  but then saw the face of a little blond girl.  Her hair was curly at the ends.  Maybe that was Zella?  We will see. Anyway -- don't want you to leave without a pic.  This is two heads -- all they can get in one shot these days.  Hope all is well with you.

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