4Moms mamaRoo in the house

side by side
OK - I have to admit a few things... First,  I've been pining for the mamRoos since we started the IVF process last year.  I told Julija [light hearted] that if we had twins,  my stipulation was two mamaRoos in the house. It was all very funny in 2011 and soon forgotten (so she thought).  My twisted brain could only see the two seats, moving in synchronized fashion with the new babies... ahhhhh

Now here we are walking in BuyBuyBaby yesterday and I spot the seats :)  I challenged the store manager to make us a deal and 20% later they were in the car heading home.  20% on two $239 chars comes out to about $100 off so we had to do it.

From a more practical note,  I can't stand baby swings just because they use up so much space and don't look "cool".  I've been researching, checking posts and listening to what Moms have said about the mamaRoo and it is [on paper] the quintessential combination of bouncy seat, swing and vibrating thing all in one hi-tech package.  We'll see how that works out won't we :)  No the cool thing about 4Moms is that they are users, designers and don't rest on their laurels.  In this case,  we bought the second generation seats that have a lot of items addressed that moms complained about.  Very cool, right?

In case you're wondering,  we bought these at BuyBuyBaby.  You can text the word "offer" to 42229 and they instantly send you a 20% coupon to your phone.  Julija and I both did it -- $100 off.. Yay.

More to come after the babies arrive....


  1. Anonymous6/04/2012

    wooohooo those are so cool...

  2. Can anyone get that discount? Thanks Dan

  3. I tried it and it worked for me at the Brandon store in FL

  4. Anonymous8/05/2019

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