Fathers Day 2012

Check out this cup -- given to me by my precious wife on Father's Day this year.  I think it says it all.  There is a whirlwind coming in a few months that I don't think either of us have really embraced yet.  Last night we just sat in the nursery and talked about how it was going to morph from quiet, vanilla and pristine to a living creating room filled with emotion and mostly love.  We are so excited and terrified :)

Some great things happening this last week [besides the ultrasound] are that the twins have official names now (Zander & Zella) and they have been active.  There is no doubt that these kids are alive and well, bouncing, kicking and poking all the time.  I can even feel them :)

Last night we were watching TV and I looked over at Julija.  She was grinning ear-to-ear because they were jumping around so much.  We watched the rest of the show with me feeling them from the outside, and her from the inside. How cool and what a blessing from God.  AMAZING!

Father's Day will only get better over time,  but this year was fantastic.  I am so proud of all my children and couldn't live without my wife.  A family we are. Thank you God.

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