Week 25 - Crazy babies!

Here we are in week 25 and the crazy little babies are the story of the week.  They are either sleeping or  doing calisthenics in their little eco-pod called Mom.  I know this has happened to millions of people,  but man it's cool to feel a foot (or something) sticking the Julija's belly skin.

The kids moved to new positions this week [again].  As of Wednesday they were both transverse in nature -- both with their heads on her right side with legs on the left.  Funny kids.  

Julija also started playing a nice lullaby to them every night when we go to sleep.

Here's a picture of my lovely wife [and most huge belly].



Video of IVF Injections - HCG & Follistim

My wife & I made this video back in February at the onset of our IVF cycle.  Thought that it might be cool for someone else to see in case they were scared of  all the shots.  If you're thinking about IVF, we hope this helps:


Love Language

I'm home sick -- tried real hard to stay at work but they didn't want me there either so I had to come home.  My most beautiful wife decided to make me cookies from scratch. Wow.  I only write this for the pregnant lady reading wondering what to do for her husband...  can you say "oatmeal raisin"?

If ever there was a love language -- making cookies is it.

I love you wife!


Week 24 - Twins on the move

24 weeks
This week has been all about Z&Z being little acrobats.  It used to be that there were little bouts of movement every few hours,  but Zella and Zander seem to be active a lot more.  With that comes a lot more pre-term contractions (not labor).

Julija went to the OB yesterday and after another cervix check was pronounced ok.  The doc wisely changed her to a weekly schedule since there have been so many contractions.  Contractions will pull the cervix open when the time is right,  but aren't doing that now (good).

In the meantime,  we installed a contraction-tracker on Julija's iPhone that will help us keep track of things.  It is called "Contraction Timer" from Earlybird Software and works pretty well.  [link]  Doc also reiterated the fact that we will be going to the hospital a few more times before the birth and "just don't worry about it".

Big news is that Zella (they call her Baby-A) who has been head down for the last 5 months, decided to change position and is now feet down.  Zander is still transverse but kind'of feet down too.   Active little ones...

Lot's of love happening in the Ribar family right now. Beautiful.

thank you God.



Week 23 - Picture

23 week belly
We had our monthly ultrasound yesterday and left there a little down.  The technician wasn't as articulate or methodical and we didn't really see very much.  They were also running late in the office so our 30 minutes of attention took about three hours to accomplish. Bummer.  Julija has been feeling down lately and has the sense that the care staff doesn't really care about her (but why really do :)

The stark truth is that in the last two days we've had two doctors and two nurses tell us the she and the babies are perfect.  So the facts and the emotion are not aligned but that's why God made husbands I guess :)

From my perspective, Julija still looks NOT-pregnant from the back and is truly glowing right now. Beautiful and sexy. Everything has been sanctioned from above and is going well.  I just need to reach down deep and give her more lovin.  My pleasure :)

That's about it for now.  We're so anxious to meet the twins.



Week 23 - Contractions

I was wishing for a good reason to do a test-run to the hospital -- you know, just to gain familiarity with parking, walking, elevators and everything else.  My wish was granted last night when Julija started having regular contractions for a few hours. 

The OB doc has always said that with twins he wants us to call whenever anything strange happens.  Part of the high-risk treatment I guess.  So she called and he sent her to the hospital.  She was definitely having contractions so they gave her a shot to make them stop.  

From my perspective,  it was a great event.  We learned so much:  Julija knows what a contraction is now; we know how to do a drop-off and park; we know where the elevators are; we are mostly registered at the hospital; and it takes 16 minutes to get there with no speeding.  All good. 

End of the day,  the doc said "all is great" and sent Julija home to sleep. We did.

One shout out to Sarasota Memorial Hospital too.  Their staff is fantastic. A+++


Week 22 -- Growing!!!

We had a quick checkup this week and are excited about our FULL ultrasound next week. Should be lots of pics after that visit and we're taking our daughter to see for the first time. She will be excited I'm sure.

Looking back over the last few days, Julija has had so many comments about her belly getting big. At church last night (Suncoast Community Church) Pastor Dan said she was "poofing" out. She must have had 5 different people come up to see the big belly. Oh man -- they don't know what's coming... She's going to be huge. Anyway, in anticipation of the ultrasound next week, here is a picture of her belly and new dress all in one :)