Week 23 - Contractions

I was wishing for a good reason to do a test-run to the hospital -- you know, just to gain familiarity with parking, walking, elevators and everything else.  My wish was granted last night when Julija started having regular contractions for a few hours. 

The OB doc has always said that with twins he wants us to call whenever anything strange happens.  Part of the high-risk treatment I guess.  So she called and he sent her to the hospital.  She was definitely having contractions so they gave her a shot to make them stop.  

From my perspective,  it was a great event.  We learned so much:  Julija knows what a contraction is now; we know how to do a drop-off and park; we know where the elevators are; we are mostly registered at the hospital; and it takes 16 minutes to get there with no speeding.  All good. 

End of the day,  the doc said "all is great" and sent Julija home to sleep. We did.

One shout out to Sarasota Memorial Hospital too.  Their staff is fantastic. A+++

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