Week 23 - Picture

23 week belly
We had our monthly ultrasound yesterday and left there a little down.  The technician wasn't as articulate or methodical and we didn't really see very much.  They were also running late in the office so our 30 minutes of attention took about three hours to accomplish. Bummer.  Julija has been feeling down lately and has the sense that the care staff doesn't really care about her (but why really do :)

The stark truth is that in the last two days we've had two doctors and two nurses tell us the she and the babies are perfect.  So the facts and the emotion are not aligned but that's why God made husbands I guess :)

From my perspective, Julija still looks NOT-pregnant from the back and is truly glowing right now. Beautiful and sexy. Everything has been sanctioned from above and is going well.  I just need to reach down deep and give her more lovin.  My pleasure :)

That's about it for now.  We're so anxious to meet the twins.


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