Week 24 - Twins on the move

24 weeks
This week has been all about Z&Z being little acrobats.  It used to be that there were little bouts of movement every few hours,  but Zella and Zander seem to be active a lot more.  With that comes a lot more pre-term contractions (not labor).

Julija went to the OB yesterday and after another cervix check was pronounced ok.  The doc wisely changed her to a weekly schedule since there have been so many contractions.  Contractions will pull the cervix open when the time is right,  but aren't doing that now (good).

In the meantime,  we installed a contraction-tracker on Julija's iPhone that will help us keep track of things.  It is called "Contraction Timer" from Earlybird Software and works pretty well.  [link]  Doc also reiterated the fact that we will be going to the hospital a few more times before the birth and "just don't worry about it".

Big news is that Zella (they call her Baby-A) who has been head down for the last 5 months, decided to change position and is now feet down.  Zander is still transverse but kind'of feet down too.   Active little ones...

Lot's of love happening in the Ribar family right now. Beautiful.

thank you God.


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