Week 30 -- Legs in the Ribs

Love the BUMPs
This week we had a great meeting with Dr. Sullivan (OB).  He said that both twins had found a new heads down position-  YAY!  He also said they still have a lot  of room to move around so you never know where they will end up.  It was kind'of good news for us though as we hope for a vaginal birth.  He was telling us about all of the things he's seen regarding twins birth like one coming vaginal and the other cesarean... how weird, huh?  Can't wait to see how it all works out.

Julija is feeling a lot more pressure then ever before -- waking up with four feet stuck up in her ribs.  She's spending a lot more nights on the recliner just to get some sleep and is working hard at accepting the un-comfort as the new normal.  She's doing great.

We went and bought a few more prego-dresses this week.  The one in this picture is her Super-Mom dress.  Perfectly fit for her (she is SUPER).  The colors look like a SuperMan cape to me :)  This picture is in Boca Grande, FL.  Beautiful and quiet...

I still owe my wife a week 30 poem,  so here you go:

I know you keep saying
your belly is very "hurt-y"
It's probably because
You just hit week 30.

Lots and lots of legs
pushing in your ribs
but it's all very normal
as your grow the two new sibs.

It might be hard to believe
that as the days go on
your husband's heart grows bigger
with capacity never gone.

He will always love you dearly
more than the day before
and also all the family
the children he will adore.

So just get through the hurt-y
Ask God for a little grace
Cause we're blessed with so much love
And are together in a perfect place.

I love you.


Week 29 -- Can you say "8 weeks"?

Wow -- How time flies when you're having fun, huh? Last week the doc said everything was going so well that Julija didn't have to go in this week.  So... no doc this week.  Instead we're attending another class at Sarasota Memorial Hospital called "Baby Care Basics" [see it here].  As much as we think we know,  there is so much more we don't so this class is in order. Thanks Constance L for all of the great teaching.

Constance & Julija
Mom is leaving for her home in Wisconsin on Wednesday after two weeks in the south.  She was a terrific help around the house and exhibits cooking as a love language (just ask my bathroom scale :).  Amazing how your mom can help you your whole life, right?  We love her a lot.  Next visitor will be Olga (Julija's mom) from Latvia who shows up in early November for a two month stay.  Another awesome lady who we love a ton and then Janis (Julija's Dad) a month later.  The house will be full for sure.

Watermelon Toes
I'm including a cool picture of Julija's toes.  She and Mom went to get their toes cleaned up and came home with watermelon-toes instead of the typical pink & blue.  Very cool.

Babies are moving so much,  with pronounced appendages deforming Julija's belly.  They seem to love music and hearing our voices.  How very cool that they will be here in about eight weeks.  There are so many women I follow in Twitter that are going through infertility treatments and heartache.  We will never forget what it feels like to experience a BFN, or what it feels like to cry with a BFP.  God bless you all.

Already looking tired :)


Week 28 - Twins GROWTH!

This week has been pretty quiet.  Julija seems to be in her sweet-spot with everything working well.  Mom is here from Wisconsin and they definitely love each other spending a lot of time together and in the pool.

From my perspective, the big thing this week is pure growth.  It seems that her belly is almost growing before our eyes.  She still looks NOT-pregnant from the back,  but watch out if she turns.  OMG - the belly is growing like crazy.  Still covering her in Bio-Oil every night to curb the stretch marks and provide a little added elasticity.

Zella [who is hanging head down] has been punching her bladder a lot,  and little Zander [cross-wise] is the big effects-man.  You can tell he is all over the place with a big butt, head or leg changing the shape of her belly.  VERY cool.  They are also even more reactive to me talking to them,  or loud music.  Church this last Sunday had Julija laughing out loud because they were dancing inside :)

God is with us...


Week 27 - 5 pounds of babies.

This was one of those weeks where we had the intense ultra-sound and got to see the babies up close again.  Zella is back to her heads-down position and Zander is just wandering around and back up to a transverse position. They move around a lot but I'm imagining those days are coming to an end soon as the space tightens up.  Dr. Baron & Hill are great doctors -- this trip Dr. Baron said Julija had a super Cervix.  As she put it,  everything is as close to perfect as it could be.  Babies are almost the same size totaling 5 lbs, cervix is perfect, everything is perfect and on track.  She also said that if Julija didn't already have heartburn, get ready for it.

This week we also went to the Infant CPR & Child Safety training class at Sarasota Memorial Hospital (SMH).  It was our second class there and we had a great instructor: Constance. We have a few more classes to take yet.

I've included a new picture of both babies.  Can't wait to see them. Oh yeah -- you want to see what being pregnant with twins at 27 weeks looks like?  Here you go.  Thank you God!

Zander @ 27 Weeks
Zella @ 27 Weeks


Week 26.5 - Safe Baby Safe Baby

We pondered for many months the options of a new vehicle that would (1) make things easy on Julija while transporting twins and (2) would enhance the safety of the same.  We got down to two options: first was the Honda Odyssey. Of course this is the most practical with so many options and outstanding engineering all geared towards the soccer mom.   The second option was more geared towards the safety aspect and was the new Infinity JX crossover.  The  JX won.

Without boring you too much let me tell you about a couple fo cool safety features things that won us over:

  • Driving down a road @ 40 mph heading towards a traffic light.  The light turns red and the car in front decelerates. I hesitated and did not put my foot on the brake.  With forward facing lasers, the JX saw the threat and hit the brakes.  It actually stopped us without me doing anything. Amazing.
  • There are blind-spot indicators. So is you're driving along and there is a car in your blindspot... it doesn't really do anything except turn a little light on.  Now if you start to turn into that blind spot an alarm goes off. Cool.
  • Driving down the highway with your cruise control on,  if the JX notices the car in front of you is going slower (you are approaching that car) it will adjust your speed to keep a buffer between you two.  Wow. 
  • We tested the backup safety too.  Julija started backing out of the garage and I walked behind the JX.  It hit the brakes and stopped her from running into me.  Sweet.
So you can see there are a lot of safety features.  Best thing was putting a bow on the hood for her birthday.   Pastor Nick @SCConline  said today that we should celebrate more when great things happen.  This is my attempt at being better at that :)

Happy Birthday Julija

Week 26 - Third Trimester

Here we are -- week 26 and didn't want to miss the historic picture.  I read this week that the babies are now pretty safe if they feel the need to come out early.  37 weeks is the target and we hope they make it but there is some comfort in the fact that they could make it now.

Julija has been doing a lot of organizing in the nursery, even made some head bands for Zella.  Maybe I should step-it-up and get Zander his first 4-wheeler??  We shall see :)

Babies are going crazy and react very quickly to sounds. This coming week is the BIG ultrasound and also the Gestational Diabedes test.  Oh and guess what -- we're in trimester three!!!

For you IVF folks,  I wanted to share what I think is the best due date calculator [ here ]

Love love.