Week 26 - Third Trimester

Here we are -- week 26 and didn't want to miss the historic picture.  I read this week that the babies are now pretty safe if they feel the need to come out early.  37 weeks is the target and we hope they make it but there is some comfort in the fact that they could make it now.

Julija has been doing a lot of organizing in the nursery, even made some head bands for Zella.  Maybe I should step-it-up and get Zander his first 4-wheeler??  We shall see :)

Babies are going crazy and react very quickly to sounds. This coming week is the BIG ultrasound and also the Gestational Diabedes test.  Oh and guess what -- we're in trimester three!!!

For you IVF folks,  I wanted to share what I think is the best due date calculator [ here ]

Love love.

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