Week 26.5 - Safe Baby Safe Baby

We pondered for many months the options of a new vehicle that would (1) make things easy on Julija while transporting twins and (2) would enhance the safety of the same.  We got down to two options: first was the Honda Odyssey. Of course this is the most practical with so many options and outstanding engineering all geared towards the soccer mom.   The second option was more geared towards the safety aspect and was the new Infinity JX crossover.  The  JX won.

Without boring you too much let me tell you about a couple fo cool safety features things that won us over:

  • Driving down a road @ 40 mph heading towards a traffic light.  The light turns red and the car in front decelerates. I hesitated and did not put my foot on the brake.  With forward facing lasers, the JX saw the threat and hit the brakes.  It actually stopped us without me doing anything. Amazing.
  • There are blind-spot indicators. So is you're driving along and there is a car in your blindspot... it doesn't really do anything except turn a little light on.  Now if you start to turn into that blind spot an alarm goes off. Cool.
  • Driving down the highway with your cruise control on,  if the JX notices the car in front of you is going slower (you are approaching that car) it will adjust your speed to keep a buffer between you two.  Wow. 
  • We tested the backup safety too.  Julija started backing out of the garage and I walked behind the JX.  It hit the brakes and stopped her from running into me.  Sweet.
So you can see there are a lot of safety features.  Best thing was putting a bow on the hood for her birthday.   Pastor Nick @SCConline  said today that we should celebrate more when great things happen.  This is my attempt at being better at that :)

Happy Birthday Julija

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