Week 27 - 5 pounds of babies.

This was one of those weeks where we had the intense ultra-sound and got to see the babies up close again.  Zella is back to her heads-down position and Zander is just wandering around and back up to a transverse position. They move around a lot but I'm imagining those days are coming to an end soon as the space tightens up.  Dr. Baron & Hill are great doctors -- this trip Dr. Baron said Julija had a super Cervix.  As she put it,  everything is as close to perfect as it could be.  Babies are almost the same size totaling 5 lbs, cervix is perfect, everything is perfect and on track.  She also said that if Julija didn't already have heartburn, get ready for it.

This week we also went to the Infant CPR & Child Safety training class at Sarasota Memorial Hospital (SMH).  It was our second class there and we had a great instructor: Constance. We have a few more classes to take yet.

I've included a new picture of both babies.  Can't wait to see them. Oh yeah -- you want to see what being pregnant with twins at 27 weeks looks like?  Here you go.  Thank you God!

Zander @ 27 Weeks
Zella @ 27 Weeks

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