Week 28 - Twins GROWTH!

This week has been pretty quiet.  Julija seems to be in her sweet-spot with everything working well.  Mom is here from Wisconsin and they definitely love each other spending a lot of time together and in the pool.

From my perspective, the big thing this week is pure growth.  It seems that her belly is almost growing before our eyes.  She still looks NOT-pregnant from the back,  but watch out if she turns.  OMG - the belly is growing like crazy.  Still covering her in Bio-Oil every night to curb the stretch marks and provide a little added elasticity.

Zella [who is hanging head down] has been punching her bladder a lot,  and little Zander [cross-wise] is the big effects-man.  You can tell he is all over the place with a big butt, head or leg changing the shape of her belly.  VERY cool.  They are also even more reactive to me talking to them,  or loud music.  Church this last Sunday had Julija laughing out loud because they were dancing inside :)

God is with us...

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