Week 29 -- Can you say "8 weeks"?

Wow -- How time flies when you're having fun, huh? Last week the doc said everything was going so well that Julija didn't have to go in this week.  So... no doc this week.  Instead we're attending another class at Sarasota Memorial Hospital called "Baby Care Basics" [see it here].  As much as we think we know,  there is so much more we don't so this class is in order. Thanks Constance L for all of the great teaching.

Constance & Julija
Mom is leaving for her home in Wisconsin on Wednesday after two weeks in the south.  She was a terrific help around the house and exhibits cooking as a love language (just ask my bathroom scale :).  Amazing how your mom can help you your whole life, right?  We love her a lot.  Next visitor will be Olga (Julija's mom) from Latvia who shows up in early November for a two month stay.  Another awesome lady who we love a ton and then Janis (Julija's Dad) a month later.  The house will be full for sure.

Watermelon Toes
I'm including a cool picture of Julija's toes.  She and Mom went to get their toes cleaned up and came home with watermelon-toes instead of the typical pink & blue.  Very cool.

Babies are moving so much,  with pronounced appendages deforming Julija's belly.  They seem to love music and hearing our voices.  How very cool that they will be here in about eight weeks.  There are so many women I follow in Twitter that are going through infertility treatments and heartache.  We will never forget what it feels like to experience a BFN, or what it feels like to cry with a BFP.  God bless you all.

Already looking tired :)


  1. Dan, this is so cool! Your baby Zs will really love this when they get older. way to go, brother! We love you both lots!
    J & J

  2. Anonymous8/23/2012

    I love my Picture! Thanks for posting so we can see! Good luck! Constance Lewis

    1. You're an awesome teacher. Hope to see you during the delivery too! Thanks for all you do.