Week 30 -- Legs in the Ribs

Love the BUMPs
This week we had a great meeting with Dr. Sullivan (OB).  He said that both twins had found a new heads down position-  YAY!  He also said they still have a lot  of room to move around so you never know where they will end up.  It was kind'of good news for us though as we hope for a vaginal birth.  He was telling us about all of the things he's seen regarding twins birth like one coming vaginal and the other cesarean... how weird, huh?  Can't wait to see how it all works out.

Julija is feeling a lot more pressure then ever before -- waking up with four feet stuck up in her ribs.  She's spending a lot more nights on the recliner just to get some sleep and is working hard at accepting the un-comfort as the new normal.  She's doing great.

We went and bought a few more prego-dresses this week.  The one in this picture is her Super-Mom dress.  Perfectly fit for her (she is SUPER).  The colors look like a SuperMan cape to me :)  This picture is in Boca Grande, FL.  Beautiful and quiet...

I still owe my wife a week 30 poem,  so here you go:

I know you keep saying
your belly is very "hurt-y"
It's probably because
You just hit week 30.

Lots and lots of legs
pushing in your ribs
but it's all very normal
as your grow the two new sibs.

It might be hard to believe
that as the days go on
your husband's heart grows bigger
with capacity never gone.

He will always love you dearly
more than the day before
and also all the family
the children he will adore.

So just get through the hurt-y
Ask God for a little grace
Cause we're blessed with so much love
And are together in a perfect place.

I love you.

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