9 days old - back together at last

Just a quick update.  Yesterday at about a week old the twins finally got back together again.  Julija asked one of the NICU nurses to help her and Z&Z got to sleep next to each other for a few minutes.  This is not too common while you're in the NICU so it was a treat,  but think about how it must have felt to them.  9 months of growing up right next to each other and then a ride down the birth canal and your best friend is gone.  Not anymore -- back together again!!!

Everything has happened pretty quickly for the last day or so -- especially for Zander.  He has mostly caught up with his sister and they are [developmentally] about in the same place.  Only bad thing happening is a rotten rash on Zella's tiny butt... but hopefully we can get that under control.

Zella BIG Yawn 
Zander cool hat....


Love to all.

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