Week 31 - Best Breast Feeding Class

Week 31 has been fun with the twins -- except for the attempted sleeping.  I found Julija this morning on the couch in the office.  She was almost in tears while she told me how she tried the bed... then the recliner... then finally landed in the office.  Now the recliner has been the sleeping-savior up until now... but no more I guess.

This week we went to a great Breast Feeding class.  Being a long-time connoisseur of breasts, I didn't expect much but ended up learning a lot.  There is so much to it that any man and most women will get a lot from it.  We took the class at Sarasota Memorial Hospital called "Breastfeeding Basics" part of their B.A.B.I.E.smh set of classes.  You can email them at child-birth@smh.com.  Our teacher's name was Jamie and she was AWESOME..

We also had a great ultrasound this week at Dr. Hill & Baron's office.  Same place we've been going but it's always great to see the twins.  Here's the info:  Zella is still heads down on Mom's right side and Zander is back to being transverse -- read on the top right with legs going across her abdomen.  The doc said there is still a lot of fluid so they can still move and they are weighing in at 4.1 lbs for Zella and 4.5 lbs for Zander.  That's more then 8 lbs, up from 5 lbs 4 weeks ago.  WOW!  Anyway, all is perfect in baby-land.

One last thing for the week:  Julija has been doing some progression pictures and got me to visit the studio this week for a few pics.  All I can do is show you one teaser....  Is she amazing or what?   The studio was Jenny Waring Photography in Venice, FL.  Highly recommended.  Here is her facebook page

Blessed and Favored I am

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  1. Anonymous9/14/2012

    Great shot. Glad Julija is doing well.