Week 32- Preterm Labor, "oh crap"

Watching Pastor Larry :)
Here I sit on the second floor of Sarasota Memorial Hospital in the Retter building listening to two fetal monitors boomp bluub bloop, and watching the contraction monitor go up and down. In labor? Nope... But it almost happened a few days ago.

Julija went to her weekly Friday OB appointment and heard "oh crap!" from the doc. A few minutes later I had a 911 page and she was headed to Sarasota Memorial Hospital. At that point she was 3 cm dilated and 90% effaced. Not good for 32 weeks. When she got to the hospital they put her on a magnesium drip to get the uterus to stop acting up, and also gave her a couple of steroids shots to boost the development of the babies lungs in case they make an early appearance. After about 24 hours of the "mag" she switched to a pill to keep the uterus quiet. She continues to have contractions at a rate of about three an hour but with no pattern so they are thinking she is not birthing today (Monday).

The cool nurses all keep saying the goal is to stay pregnant. Dr Sullivan coined a great phrase: keep your low beams on... Just focus on us getting thru the next eight hours. Awesome approach and it's working.
Favorite-Oldest-Daughter :)

Sunday morning we watched church on the Internet from Julia's bed & iPad. Our church, Suncoast Community streams the 10:30 am service. How cool is that? Then Jessica (favorite oldest daughter) came up to the room. LOVE LOVE LOVE

Now today (Monday) she is at two cm but paper thin (fully effaced). Wow. She might be staying here in the hospital for a while. Yesterday we took a tour of the NICU since the babies seem to be coming early. Amazing how compact and energetic that place is. Julija has a steady stream of wonderful ladies coming to offer help, bring food to my fat belly or just come to the room and play cards and talk. Wow. She is one lucky lady.

Ok - gotta get in my recliner / dad bed and watch a movie. Low beams.....

Thank you everyone for the lovin.

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