No more bottle?

Kids have been home about a week and we had a bad night last night -- at least Dad did.  Two nights ago things seemed perfect: Julija and I were on a perfect routine and working in unison; the kids ate and went back to sleep; and we felt rested when we got up.  Last night was different.

It started at in the morning when we went to the second Pede appointment.  Doc said that since the kids were gaining weight so well that we should focus on exclusive breast feeding and drop the bottle supplements altogether.  Sounded like a great plan.  Last night?  not so much.

Bottle=fast; breast=slow
Bottle=east; breast=easy

At least that's the way the kids see it.  By the time #2 is done feeding, #1 is ready to eat again.  So, suffice it to say we're still working on it.  Now I will say that this morning things seem to be feeding well.  The nurses taught us how to do "tongue-training" with Zander to help him latch better and Julija was nursing Zella with the football hold in preparation for some dual feeding down the road.  Julija is doing so well and really makes everyone's life better.

Something very cool we did yesterday was to give them both a bath then take them outside on the lanai   The orange-towel shots are from that outing.  It gave them a chance to experience "outside" and their skin a chance to dry naturally.

All is good in the Ribar house.

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