Status: Nominal (and awesome)

Do we look tired?
I think we're getting better :)  Things have gotten closer to routine as time passes with our jobs ossifying too.  I'm pretty much the diaper-king and of course only Julija could be the best-of-breast.  Beyond that we are both trying hard to keep the house clean by not leaving messes and pretty much both just keeping everything up: dishes; countertops; garbage; clothes; etc.  So far, so good.  I can only think at this point that we are very lucky to be the team we are. Twins with one parent or a not-so-close parent team would be miserable.  For us it is all heaven-on-earth.

It still amazes me the Grace that is passed from God to us,  and from us to our tiny ones. Most people that are forced to be up multiple times at night complain -- we love it.  Not necessarily the sleepus-interuptus, but the beautiful gaze from my favorite youngest daughter, or the calmness that comes from my favorite youngest son after a successful poop reduction routine is all worth the long days.

Favorite burping position
Happy Zander..
Part of our routine is that i will take the kids one at a time from our bedroom (where we all sleep) to the nursery for their diaper change.  I try to carry the kids with our faces pretty close so I am in their sight (just in case) and I always talk to them in a very calming voice.  Well in the last two days Zella has started reaching outward towards my voice and face when we're together.  I thought at first it was just a coincidence but it has happened quite a few times.  Pastor Larry talks about how much his (and my) heart has grown so huge with new children.  Zella and Zander can both bring me to tears just with a strong gaze or finger grab.  Like I said,  in my heart I consider this all God's Grace coming thru Him to me to them.

Breastfeeding is still going wel and you will also notice in the pictures that we've got the kids closer together during sleepy time.  There is still a barrier -- like a rolled up blanket to keep them off each other when we're all sleeping,  but they are within six inches of each other.  Very cool...

On the lighter less sappy side,  check out this new song we've been playing in the house.  It's called "Mercury" by The Chuck Shaffer Band.  It reminds me a lot of a band my oldest brother LJ used to like in high school called Eos.

One other note. I was thinking about stopping the posts since the IVF journey has really ended but Julija has officially turned this into a life journal. There you go. Pictures included.

Love you Zander
Thank you once again to the Cockey family for feeding us EVERY DAY this week.  We love you guys.

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