Survivor Man - Day one.

The kids came home yesterday,  but this morning I really felt like Les Stroud in Survivorman as I took the dogs out at first light.  As the color of the sky finally changes from black to some hue of orange, he always talks about how getting thru the night is tough; waiting for that glimpse of sunrise that you know will lift your spirits.  Yeah -- I felt that this morning.  We were on a three hour rotation since noon yesterday:   change diaper; feed from the breast; supplement from the bottle; put them to sleep; clean up; sleep; repeat.  Guess what? We survived.

Of course God's hand was at work regarding anything that we put into it,  but we also had 12 days of fantastic OJT from the NICU staff at SMH that made homecoming fairly easy.
Zander ready for the ride home
Zella ready too

Yesterday the day started with the two of us waking up at home alone around 5am -- uncharacteristic to say the least.  We were both so excited about Zella and Zander coming home that we couldn't sleep.  When we got to the hospital,  we had to wait for the Dr. Tolosa (awesome) to finish rounds and release the kids.  He did.

We loaded them in the car and came home... nothing crazy.  I have to say though that leaving the NICU was like the end of a cruise or the end of bandcamp.  It felt like we were leaving a lot of great friends behind and was actually a little sad.  We really  came to love and respect the staff there (we can't say enough).

Momma in the middle
So we get home.. apprehensive, but prepared.  The cycle started and everything went well all night.  Julija and I would trade off with one of us sleeping in the spare room while the other one kept a watchful eye on the kids.  Not too bad.  Then the sun came up and new life for both if us.  I was amazed in the evening how Julija was like an energizer bunny -- tons of energy at all times.  Guess it pays to have a 27 yr old wife and mother :)

This morning we had the first appointment at the pediatrician's office -- Dr. Caroll.  He is also our neighbor but ultimately a great guy; child advocate and someone who cares.  That trip was uneventful too.
twin bassinet

1st visit to see Dr. Caroll
Zander's 1st trip to the changing table

Yesterday, apprehension was high.  Today,  everything is good.  Jessica came over last night to hold her little siblings and our friends down the street (Joe & Carolyn) are feeding us all week. We'll see how the night goes as we enter day two of survivorman.

Love2 u all

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