Twins: 1 month old

It's been a while since my last update... due to the twin-cycle-fog that I've been under.  Never heard of it?  It has to do with the full time nature of raising twins.  Pastor Larry talks a lot about the growth of a parents heart when new babies come.  I submit that this is 100% true.  It's only a loving parent that gives up everything to change a poopy diaper at 3am on no sleep....  love love love.

The kids have been doing great -- eating well, gaining weight, becoming more alert... all excellent.  Then yesterday was very weird.  Zander woke up and didn't want to eat... almost to the state of being lethargic   Julija's mother instinct was kicking in and we got a little lucky that we had a doctors appointment anyway so we could check it out.  Guess what?  BOTH kids had ear infections.  Wow.  So now, a couple of doses of antibiotic later... everyone seems to be back on the happy trail.

On the way to the doc yesterday,  we also stopped by Dr. Pabon's office.  He is the guy who helped us thru the IVF and can be found here:  [ web site ] I've said before that we've been blessed with wonderful loving people thru out this process.  Dr. Pabon and his staff are great examples of this and we really consider them family at this point.  Check out the picture -- he [and his staff] were so excited to see the twins.  Can you imagine?  They started in that office... in a petrie dish.... amazing.  God's hands were definitely on this whole thing.

Our nights have been getting a lot better.  One of my major prayer requests is that somehow we get ready for me to go back to work on November 1.  A week ago I couldn't even imagine it.  Today,  it seems like I could handle it today if need be.  That's progress (thank you God).

I've also been getting a lot of little projects done at the house:  sliders fixed; landscaping; back light replaced; tile and grout cleaned; etc..  Ed & Donna (my bosses) might not realize how important they were to this process... but it couldn't have happened without the month off.

Take care.  Here are a few new pics for you too.

bath towels

they sleep like this a lot during the day

one month old!

one month old!

big sissy


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