Twins: 2 months old

getting ready to come see Dad in the office...
Take a look at these pictures -- isn't it amazing that these two little ones are already two months old?  Things have changed drastically in the last week or so.  The twins are turning into little babies instead of piles of goo.  The amount of neediness has gone from 110% X two people to a lot lower.  They are not quite smiling yet,  but they know us... their eyes will watch you... and they react to you very well.

We have gone thru a few iterations on formula that kind of boiled over a few weeks ago when Zander was really hurting with stomach issues.  The peed switched us to Dr. Brown's bottles and has just recently put him on a nicer formula (Similac Expert Care Alimentum ).  Once his stomach settled down... he settled down.  Right now we're down to one major UP time at night. Wonderful.

Shout out to all the peeps at the SMH NICU -- Check out your babies!!! You did great. We hope you all have a happy Thanksgiving.  Keep doing what you do. Look!!! Same to Doctor Pabone and all the other peeps that have helped us.  God brought us all together for a reason... or maybe two? 

Olga (mother in law) is here from Latvia and really engaging in the whole process, besides cooking non stop :) The babies react to her too and know she's grandma.

Julija is going back to work in a week so the kids will be going to church soon.  I can't wait... and I'm scared to death :) Ha, not really scared.  Very excited to introduce them to the rest of their family at Suncoast. We love them a lot already but the love level is about to rise in a HUGE WAY. Yay.

All is good in the Ribar household. We're very thankful....

Happy Thanksgiving to you all. Enjoy the pics.

Our favorite toy...

Yup - I'm going to drive a Triumph...

Yes, it's a tutu... but I might be a pilot :)

I love my brother...

Grandma Olga

Happy Mom

Two months old!!!

napping with Daddy...

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