Twins: 4 months old

One of the biggest things that is happening right now is that there is a lot of love flowing from baby-to-parent-to-baby.  I know that the kids are looking deep into my eyes, smiling and making their big daddy melt inside.  

The kids just had their 4 mo visit [with shots] a few days ago and are growing like crazy.  Zander is up to 15lb 2 oz and Zella up to 13lb 12 oz.  Wow!  We are now going into the extremely exciting rice cereal stage and got to try out feeding for the first time this weekend.  Zander seems to like it a little better then Zella but we will see.

Regarding sleeping... last week we started getting "full" nights of sleep.  There were a couple of seven hour sleeps that have since eroded to 5+ hours.  Julija has been guarding me and doing all of the get-up work at night so she's sleeping less but something cool is also happening.  After the 4:30-5am feeding I stay up and the kids sleep next to each other on a pillow next to Julija.  Very sweet and lots of love pouring out. 

At this point Zella is a way-better sleeper. At night we put her in her crib in a sleep-sac and she will make it for a many hours before she wakes up.  Zander is sill sleeping in the bouncy chair but heading for the crib this week (I hear from Momma :)

We still have a scream-fest almost every night from 5-6:30 or so but the doc says it will wain quickly. It's so funny to see how they will go from that scream-time to being so happy and giggly in such a short period of time. 

Julija has them on a pretty good schedule laced with eat / play / walk / sleep / repeat.  They are responding very well.  Someone from my office gave us a play area that we refer to as "the rain forest".  The kids love going to the rain forest.

In the last few weeks we've also introduced a few new things -- bumbo chairs [that they like] and a bouncer [that they don't quite fit in yet.

All in all -- things are..... AWESOME!!!!


I like this stuff :)

Happy Mom...

yummy rice cereal...

Bounce.. bounce... not yet :)

I'm happier then I look.

Zander and big sis


Morning sleeping love

Zander out for a walk

Zella on the changing table being happy

Zella on a walk