Twins: 6 months old

Six months old... wow.  Overall I would say that things have gotten very easy compared to the first couple of months. They are mostly sleeping all night (go to bed at 7pm and get up at 5:30am) and have similar but different vibrant personalities.  Julija is feeding them almost everything -- and they like different things. Just the other day Zella loved crushed avocado... Zander? Not so much. Morning food is typically organic plain yogurt mixed with organic fruit. Then evenings are all about oatmeal and veggies.  We're also going down the "My baby can read" path with a lot of "clap clap clap" and "arms up!".  The kids are responding very well.

Oldest daughter Jessica is joined at the hip with the twins.  She's awesome in her own right and is still my favorite [oldest] daughter :)  The twins just light up when they see her and she has become my right hand on Sundays when Julija is working.

Zander had an ear infection this past week and measured in at 20lb 4 oz. Doc called him a "heifer". Love it! He was a typical dude -- pitiful and needy while he's sick.  I'm very proud :) ha ha.

Zella is the talker. Oh my she never stops.  She wakes us up from across the house every morning. She's just in there talking up a storm saying "Mom! Dad! come get me." She can go 30 minutes no problem.... just keeps talking. And oh by the way -- she only sleeps on her back. Period. Zander -- only on his stomach. Period. Do not vary from this protocol or you will feel the pain :)

Zander also learned to roll from front to back which makes 2am very interesting. I better scream now 'cause I woke up and flipped to my back. MOM!!!

Both kids are standing with help,  but Zella is really the star here. Could be because she is a few pounds lighter. ha.

OK -- here are the pictures....

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