Twins: 7 months old

We recently added solar heat to our pool -- possibly the best money ever spent. The babies take an almost-daily swim and seem to love being in the pool.  The water is hovering around 90 degrees so it's almost a bath to them.  Zella started off as the water baby -- kicking and really loving it.  Unfortunately,  she thinks she can breathe under water so Julija is working on that.  Now Zander was a bit more cautious with the water but now goes under water for a real second with no problem.  He just surfaces and looks around.  Amazing.

Both babies are still sleeping about 12 hours a night with a few wake ups.  We don't usually get them up but sometimes need a quick burp or turn over. Lovely.

Both babies have been working on their two bottom teeth that are in full force.  A week or so ago Zander's top two teeth came to the surface and one broke thru.  No tops for Zella yet.

Zander is the better roller... Zella is the better stander. Zander is always smiling and laughing... Zella is contemplating and engineering.  Zella can sit up on her own... Zander, not so much :)

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