Twins: 9 months old

My new hat from Babushka
OK -- here we go.  I sit with my oldest favorite daughter Jessica trying to pic good pictures -- oh man! They are all so good but here are a couple of highlights to remember:

Both kids had been sleeping all night (about 12 hours) but Zella all of a sudden had a problem.  She'd struggle to get to sleep,  and then wake up a few times at night.  No-sleep-ee-itus-otis or something like that.  She seems to get better but it was from a rush of developmental adrenalin.

eating with Mom
She has recently learned to transition from laying to sitting, and one day Julija found her sitting up during a nap -- oh man :) The good news is she can also kind'of crawl backards a ways and get to about anything she wants in the room.  Her favorite position is standing up.  Nothing else will do.  She can walk holding hands across the house... and she LOVES doing it. 

Zander continues to be the great sleeper of the house. 12 hours, great naps... he's the man.  He isn't too much into walking or crawling yet,  but can easily navigate a room to get to his favorite toy just by rolling and scooting. He is also the king of the walker.  Put him in and guard your toes.  He can get anywhere and mostly loves to go very fast in a circle until he hits a wall and starts laughing. LOL.

We get in the pool almost every night with them and Zander has learned to jump (fall) in by himself.  We sit him on the edge with his legs dangling and call him.  He leans forward and into the pool without us holding him.  He goes under,  we scoop him up and all is well.  wow!

Mom continues to do a great job with development.  She always has them reading, playing, clap-clap or something.  No one told her home scooling starts at 5 :)

Sissy (Jessica) is still their favorite.  They know her as their sister and love each other a lot.  So cool to see 18 years of difference but no gap in love :)

OK -- here come the pictures....

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