Twins: 11 months old

The house is a buzz with excitement of the pending birthday party -- decorations, cakes, food, entertainment, venue and invitations are all in order or on order. Very exciting but in the meantime,  I've got a blog to run here :)

The phrase of the last month could be "adventurous" or "wiggle-worm"... maybe both, but I can tell you their awareness and spirit are at a very high level.  You can't carry them anywhere without their hands and feet reaching and kicking everything within close proximity.   If you even think "no" in your brain,  they go after it.

Walkers have been clocked at just under 90 mph on the tile with scuffed, scratched and broken ankles the flavor of every day. Every drawer has been broken into; every cabinet door opened, explored and slammed; every light socket checked to see if mom and dad put covers on; every plant tasted; every block knocked over; every book chewed on; the list goes on.  Oh yes... they are 11 months old. 

Zella stood on her own today for 30 seconds or so.  Not too sure who was more surprised,  but it was sure cool.  Zander is lagging the walking department but he is no slouch when it comes to moving around.  He just does things his own way and still has the cutest looks ever.  He has gotten shy... to the point of a scared cry if someone gets in his face without mom or dad close by.

Zander's cool development this month is that he will hold a model airplane above his head and make flying airplane sounds.... zooooom. SWEET.

between the two of them they understand and can kind'of sound out these words: ball, light, mom, dad, hi, doggy, bottle, diaper, hungry (sign)... maybe a few more. Zella has also been heard saying what sounds like "Zander".

Party on!

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