We made it... one full year.  It's hard to remember all of the emotion and tribulation that we experienced over the last few years. It's also very easy to forget how little the babies were a year ago,  and how many people had a part in their development, birth and growth.  You know who you are... thank you so much. 

The babies feel so grown up all of a sudden with the development curve at a steep upward angle.  A lot of new words, Zella walking 5 or 6 steps, emotional growth, peepee in the potty... you name it, we're doing it. 

Zander has gone thru a biting binge with his sister as the target.  To me it never seems like anything but a form of communication -- never in anger. So it should go away soon (already waning). He has a smile, gigle and laugh that can melt your heart.  He also can cry and wake the neighborhood -- even when he's really not crying.  The most exciting thing for me is that Zander loves watching airplane videos,  and will sit in my lap watching with an airplane in each hand yelling our zooooooooooom as he flies the plane over his head.  I seem to recall something similar with Tyler 25 years ago :)

Zella is no stranger to flying the airplanes with her hands but doesn't make as much noise :) She's a girl after all :)  She is a great walker.  On her birthday she and Jessie unlocked the code and all of a sudden she was taking 5,6,7 steps with her big sister.  I heard screaming and thought someone got hurt... ha ha. Julija says that Zella is always "busy" and she is.  There is always something going on that she needs to attend to. 

Baba and Papa are here from Latvia.  They came over for the birthday party and have a very special bond with the babies.  There are only a few people that will make them really light up when they come in the room,  and they're on the list. 

Thank you God for blessing us with a perfect family.  We pray that you will help us to be great parents for all of them and continue to surround us with family, friends and people that love them.

Here are a bunch of pictures that should make you smile...


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