Amazing how the kids have grown.  Do you remember how they were classified as “preemies?”  Oh how they have grown.  We’ve started up Tae Kwon Do and the kids are loving it.  They have a very close twin relationship.  Probably the biggest punishment we can give them is to separate them.  Oh man! That’s the worst.

Zella continues to be all girl.  She’s tough as nails but loves to pretend she’s mom / girlfriend / wife and just loves to care for her dolls. She’s also loves to color and be creative. Her enunciation and reading skills are probably a little better than Zander’s.  She’s also a little taller, lost a few more teeth and weighs more.

Zander is the mathematician and engineer of the two.  He visualizes math problems and answers addition, subtraction and multiplication pretty quickly and easily. He’s also very emotional.  He just finished the Death Star 5000+ piece Lego set. Amazing.

It’s tough to verbalize or even comprehend how fast these guy’s processors are.  We started playing Uno and they learned to hold a wild card for the end.  Just little things that prove how sharp they are. Since they’re at the end of the school year age, they’re smarter; faster; more mature then all of the other kids. 

Just amazing.